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The East Africa School of Biblical Studies is located near Busia, Uganda in an area called Bugiri. It is around 130 miles east of the capitol city of Kampala. The school is also located near the country of Kenya. This location helps pull students from both countries rather than just Uganda. The city of Busia has a population of over 55,000 people and Kampala, a massive city, has a population of over 1.5 million people. The school is located in between these two major areas.
The campus has one main building with a smaller kitchen building behind it. This main building is large enough to provide dorm rooms, a large bathroom, a classroom, a library, and office space. The school has running water and electricity as well.
The library is equipped with many reference books, commentaries, and study books. Students can use these to help aid their out of class study time.
The school has a van which for student and teacher transportation. This allows for the school to easily get supplies and work on outreach programs.
School Van
The dorms are equiped with bunk beds and storage space for the students to live on campus during the school year. Mosquito nets are important here and surround each bed.
The school has two main buildings for its classrooms, dorms, bathrooms, offices, and library. There is also a guesthouse on the campus.
The Butema church of Christ building is located at the front of the property. Many of the students worship and take part in leadership roles here while in school.
Butema Church Building


Under the oversight of the Fairfield church of Christ in Moulton, Alabama, the East Africa School of Biblical Studies began in 2003 with its first intake of 10 students. These 10 graduated in 2005 and returned back to their home communities to preach the word of God. From 2005 to 2007 11 more men graduated from the school in the second intake. Due to financial difficulties the school had to close in 2008 until necessary funds could be appropriated. In the fall of 2009, the Penick family, from South Carolina, and several other brethren from Alabama met to discuss reopening the school. At this meeting a commitment was made to reopen the school and accept another intake at the beginning of 2010. The Kansas Expressway church of Christ also agreed to take over oversight of the school in 2009. In February of 2010, the third intake took in 12 students and began their training.

Since its reopening in 2010, as in most things, challenges have been experiences such as inadequate facilities and uncooperative landlords. However, through prayer and dedication no one has been overly discouraged. Due to these problems, it was agreed to relocate the school to a new location 133.5 miles east of Kampala to Busia, Uganda. This move took place in March of 2012 with 10 students and faculty moving with the school. The new location was on the home property of Brother Alex Ouma.


Oketch James Moses, instructor, is a full-time faculty member of the Global Schools of Biblical Studies. Born on 2nd June 1975 in Tororo Uganda East Africa. He is married to Francesca Oketch since 1996 and are blessed with six lovely daughters Mercy, Happiness, Joy, Hope, Charity and Edith. He had preached for four different congregations of the Lord's Church in Uganda, and is currently preaching for Maliri church of Christ in Tororo Uganda East Africa. He has been involved in several Gospel campaigns and meetings in East Africa.

He attained Associate degree in Biblical Studies from East Africa School Of Biblical Studies in 2007, and BA degree in the Bible from International College Of The Bible in 2015. He has worked with East Africa School Of Biblical Studies since 2011. He has done mission work in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.
Oketch James Moses
Michael Omondi, instructor and evangelist, is a full-time faculty at East Africa School Of Biblical Studies. He is married to Agnes Nabwire and has 2 daughters, Gloria and Glory. He was a full time preacher for Mlipuko Church Of Christ for 3 years. He graduated from East Africa School Of Biblical Studies in 2013. He also holds a diploma in Public Relations from Zetech University, extension program, Nairobi. He has done mission works in United Arab Emirates and the borders of Saudi Arabia.
Michael Omondi