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The Copperbelt School of Biblical Studies is situated in Ndola, Zambia. Ndola, the third-largest city in Zambia, has a population of over 600,000 people. Ndola is located in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. The Copperbelt name refers to the region of land spanning across northern Zambia and southern Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is known for its copper mines. With the school taking the same name, we aim to serve not only Zambia but also students in the surrounding countries.
The campus of the Copperbelt School of biblical studies has three main buildings. One building contains the classroom, office, and guesthouse. Another building contains the dining room, kitchen, and dorm rooms. A fully staffed and equipped kitchen provides the daily meals for the students. One office provides adequate working space for the instructors to work.
The classroom is equipped with high quality desks and chairs to provide a proper space for each student to learn. The Classroom can accomodate over 16 men for training.


In 2022, our long-time friend and supporter of our global mission, Brother Scott Richard, approached us with an exciting proposal. He expressed his desire to fund a new preacher training school in Africa, covering both its initial setup and ongoing monthly expenses. Inspired by this opportunity, we began exploring potential locations for this new institution. Initially, Tanzania was at the forefront of our considerations, and it remains a strong candidate for future expansion. However, due to a shortage of available teachers, we decided to postpone establishing a school there.

Our focus then shifted to Northern Zambia, a strategic choice given its size and the fact that it borders seven other African nations. Zambia also boasted a rich pool of graduates who could serve as faculty for the new school. Additionally, having an existing registration in Zambia significantly streamlined the process. With all these factors in mind, we embarked on the journey to establish the Copperbelt School of Biblical Studies in Ndola.

After a year of diligent preparation, we proudly commenced our first classes in February 2024. The blessings on our new endeavor in Ndola have been evident, and we look forward to many fruitful years of training Gospel preachers for the cause of Christ.


Costain Muchindu, instructor, born in 1971, embraces his role with dedication and a deep sense of purpose. Becoming a Christian in 1987 marked the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith and service. Married in 1998, Costaine is a proud father of seven children.

Costaine's academic and spiritual journey saw a significant milestone when he graduated from the Zambia School of Biblical Studies in 2011. His commitment to preaching and teaching has been unwavering, as demonstrated by his long-standing service to the Siangina Church of Christ, a vibrant congregation of over 200 members, from 2001 until his recent transition to a new role.

What sets Costaine apart is his remarkable ability to work independently, having never received external or church support for his ministry before joining CBSOBS. In spite of this his work for the kingdom was not hindered. This self-reliance underscores his confidence and capability in teaching and training men to preach. Costaine's life and work reflect a profound commitment to his faith and a positive outlook on his mission to spread the gospel.
Costain Muchindu
Ziko Mulenga, instructor, born in 1973, is a devoted and diligent servant of the faith. Embracing Christianity in 1998, a year after marrying his beloved wife in 1997, Zeko's life has been a testament to unwavering commitment and hard work. Together, they are blessed with two children.

Zeko's dedication to his spiritual and educational development led him to graduate from the Zambia School of Biblical Studies in 2001. Immediately following his graduation, he began preaching in Kasama, Zambia, from 2001 to 2004. His journey didn't stop there; from 2004 to 2023, Zeko tirelessly worked with three different congregations, spreading the gospel of Christ.

Remarkably, Zeko has managed to carry out all his work without ever receiving external or church support, a testament to his resilience and hard-working nature. His ability to persevere and thrive independently highlights his steadfast dedication to his calling. Zeko Muloenga's life and ministry are a powerful reflection of his enduring faith and relentless effort to teach and inspire others in their spiritual journeys.
Ziko Mulenga
Michelo Siandwa, instructor, born in 1982, stands as a beacon of dedication and perseverance in his faith journey. He became a Christian in 1997, setting the course for a life committed to spiritual growth and service. Michelo married his beloved wife in 2006, and together they are blessed with five children who bring joy and fulfillment to their lives.

In 2020, Michelo graduated from the Zambia School of Biblical Studies, marking a significant milestone in his spiritual education. Before joining GSOBS, he spent three impactful years preaching at the Kazungula Church of Christ.

Michelo has carried out all his work without any external or church support, a testament to his resilience and hard-working nature. He is dedicated to his mission and unwavering in his commitment to his calling. Michelo Siandwa’s life and work reflect a steadfast faith and relentless effort to teach others the gospel.
Michelo Siandwa